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With every growing step of your baby, you will have to choose the right nutrients and products for him. Our Loulouka formula products make it easy for you to choose the right and high-quality formula milk for your infant.

Express Delivery
We only send all goods via insured rapid delivery to guarantee that all items arrive within 3-5 business days. We deliver products with a long shelf life and a guaranteed expiration period of more than six months for each product.
Products Authenticity Is Our Responsibility
To ensure that our products are always legitimate, we purchase them directly from European producers.
Long Expiration Dates
Our direct supply chain guarantees an expiration date of 6 months into the future or more.
Guaranteed Right Formula
After purchasing from us, please let us know if you plan to try another formula. We'll send you a gift card if you want to try another box or can for free.

Why Choose Louloukaformula.com?

Our entire collection of organic baby items is EU certified. Under the tight norms and guidelines of the European Health Council, we are selling all of these organic formula items. Parents can trust us for their infants because we are;

  • 100% organic formula milk providers
  • No GMO included
  • No added sugar and preservatives
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Best and affordable Loulouka providers

In particular, babies might be fussy eaters when attempting a new formula. We will also assist you in finding the best solution if, for any reason, you or your child aren’t completely satisfied. Parents can rely on the items in our top-rated and best-selling organic infant formula line.

Disclaimer: Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

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World’s Healthiest Organic Formulas;
Best Treats For Little Tummies!

As with all subsequent milk formulas, we try to give infants the nourishment and vitamins they need during the initial period of life.

You may purchase the greatest baby formulae at louloukaformula.com that are of the highest quality to meet your infant’s demands. We are one of the best sellers of premium infant formula. Our goal is to give your babies the vital nutrients they need at different stages of development.

We are pleased to provide the top Loulouka formula, which can significantly improve your baby’s development and general health.



Taking what already works and making it even better. Loulouka Organic baby Formula is certified organic, Also it Uses the top milk Base sources in the world,eliminating palm oil, and working with Coconut Oil and Skimmed Milk, this is what babies deserve.

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Hipp Baby formulas are also wheat and gluten free, many are soy free and all are peanut free.
All Hipp products are produces with sustainability, animal welfare and world resources in mind. Their ingredients are safe and natural, nutritious and whole.

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Canadians have a hard time finding a Reliable trustworthy source to Moms Dads who are wondering where to buy holle formula in Canada.
Holle Bio Formula has been around for along time with a proven track record for highest quality organic baby formula.

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Read on and see why we believe that an Organic Goats milk formula, Like Nannycare or Holle Bio Goats Formula are a Good Option to Consider when Researching The Best Baby Formula for your little one.

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Why Choose Us ?

We market all items permitted by EU regulations, such as the Loulouka formula. Babies are indeed divine blessings from God and little angels. Therefore, our principal focus is on providing them with the proper nutrition and growth. Based on popular components and sources, we offer the best infant formula to sell to all parents for their newborns.

You would undoubtedly enjoy discovering a reliable provider or merchant of organic and natural baby formula at louloukaformula.com for individual parents!

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